Making Your Marriage Work

When we first get married, we think that life is going to be a fairytale forever after but a few months in to marriage when the honeymoon phase is over, we start to realize that it is not much of a fairytale after all. It is not an easy thing to get used to living with someone. Getting used to someone else’s bad habits, their lifestyle, their way of life and having to adjust your own life to suit theirs is not at all easy. In fact, when you have been used to living your own life the way you wanted to for all your life and suddenly, you have to make all of these changes in your life to suit someone else, it can cause problems.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is not only you who are making the changes and that your spouse is also making a lot of changes to suit you. In most cases, couples manage to work out their differences and balance out their lifestyles in those first few years but when children come along, it is a different story all together because after that, not only will you have to change your lifestyle for your spouse but you find that you have to give up a lot of your life, your goals, your dreams and everything that you have always wanted to be for your children and no matter how much each of your does, it will always seem like you do more.

Do not give up

Marriage and parenthood can sometimes lead to severe depression and anxiety and much of the time, it can seem like your spouse is not there for you to lean on. In fact, this is more so for a woman because not only her spouse but her family and society expect her to give everything up for motherhood and this can be difficult and this leads to problems in the marriage. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you might want to consider seeking out family mediation Perth to try to solve the problems you have instead of immediately giving up.If on a personal level you find yourself eternally depressed, you could seek out depression counselling Perth which can help a lot.

Keep in mind however that as much as you have to give it your all to try to make your marriage work, it is important that you keep it realistic and that you keep your own happiness in mind. If you are unhappy and if you have tried everything, then sometimes, letting go is the best option for you, your spouse and for your children too.