Things To Not Do If You Are Going To Couples Therapy

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Going to couples therapy is one of those actions couples take when they sense they need the help of a professional to solve some issues between the two of them. Usually, a couple reaches this stage after trying to solve the problems on their own. Some of the couples even try to get their family members or friends involved to get some solutions. However, most of those kinds of third party interventions do not work.

The third party intervention offered by a psychologist works because this is a professional who knows about people and can see what is really going on. At the same time, he or she does not have any personal attachments to you. Read more about psychologists and their services here

However, if you are going for couples therapy there are a few things you should avoid doing.

Liking the Idea Even When You Decision Is Already Made
There are certain people who go to couples therapy knowing the therapy is not going to solve the problems. These people have already made their final decision to walk away from the relationship but are going there to keep the other partner happy until the moment comes when he or she can walk away. Never do this. If you ever really cared about your partner even for a time, you should not give such false hopes to him or her.

Using the Same Therapist as Your Individual Therapist
When providing counselling services any responsible professional will tell you if you want individual therapy you have to find a separate therapist for the job. This is because it is not ethically acceptable to have the same therapist acting as your couples therapist as well as your individual therapist. It can be unfair to you and your partner.

Not Committing to the Therapy Fully
If you are going for couples therapy you have to commit to that effort fully. The whole reason for going there is to make sure the two of you can work out the problems you have. You are hoping the therapist can show you how to solve those problems. If that is the case, you have to be ready to fully commit to the effort including engaging in all the activities presented to you.

Only Getting Involved in This Because Others Are Forcing You To
If you are taking part in this because others are forcing you to, getting good results can be hard as the whole process is not happening due to a genuine desire to fix things.
To get good results you have to avoid doing these things.

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